Qbean is designed & created to protect and preserve your most precious – YOUR MOTORBIKE. Weather it is a chopper, naked, sport touring, Caffe racer, Enduro or mix of parts, you need to protect them and care for them as they do for you. 

They deserve Luxury… Qbean – care for your freedom

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Technical info


  • Lenght: 3080 mm
  • Width: 1380 mm
  • Height:*1667 mm

* at the highest point of the product


  • Fiberglass: body
  • Metal: parts
  • Rubber: accessories

Most motorbikes fit into our Qbean standard product. Certain enduro models or modified bikes may not fit into Qbean standard product for which we have designed a Qbean Extension KIT. If you own a KTM adventure or similar motorbike please contact us on [email protected] before placing an order.

Luxury & design

The coolest product for your motorbike

Protection & security

Protected from sun, snow, dust & sand…


made with love from high quality materials

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For any potential questions or inquiries contact us on [email protected].
Ride free, Qbean team