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Web site www.qbean.eu and all of its contents are owned by Taurus Partners Limited, 20-22 Wenlock road, N17GU – London – UK (further the “Owner”, “ Taurus”, “Seller” or “Qbean”).

All materials on this website – www.qbean.eu - are exclusive ownership of Taurus Partners Ltd, and can be used only with a written permission of its owner.

Qbean has enabled the use of services and contents of www.qbean.eu in line with defined Terms of Use.

Through these Terms of Use, the Seller intents to transparently inform the buyer about terms of conditions of the Qbean purchase before the buyer enters in such an agreement.

The term Seller refers to Taurus Partners Ltd - Qbean, 20-22 Wenlock road, N17GU London – UK and its related parties. Email: [email protected]; www.qbean.eu

The term Buyer refers to (i) classic consumer - physical person who has business capability to solely purchase goods and services (ii) any form of business entities which has the business capacity and ability to purchase goods and services.

The Seller acts on its own behalf and it does not represent any third parties, unless clearly specified. The Terms of Use together comprise a contract with all relevant details such as products, prices, quantities, delivery terms etc. The Buyer will be asked to confirm the acceptance of Terms of Use which shall, together with an order confirmation, correspond to acceptance of such a contract.

The Seller retains the right to change the Terms of Use at it own discretion which shall be valid with the day of publishing on its web site.

The Buyer is responsible for validity and accuracy of all provided information.


The main information and specification of products are described on the web site www.qbean.eu. Full functionality and access to www.qbean.eu can sometimes be limited or unavailable due to regular maintenance, new products and content introduction, unexpected circumstances which are not controlled by the Seller.

In such cases, The Seller will try to secure full access and functionality in shortest possible period.

Photographs and other contents presented on www.qbean.eu are for presentation purposes and some details could slightly differ from the real situation. Furthermore, photos and real products could differ due to light conditions, Buyers monitor resolution, colour perceptions and other similar causes. In case possible differences of products are caused by these listed causes, the product shall not be considered false. All data and information on the products are subject to bugs, flaws in information technologies and other potential technical problems. In case of obvious mistakes or technical irregularities, the Seller shall have the discretionary right to cancel the order and return an amount for such an order, paid by the Buyer.

The subject of the order can only be products which are published on www.qbean.eu. Due to large number of orders, information on the product availability may differ from the warehouse quantities. In case that products are not available on stock, the Seller shall notify the Buyer on delivery time.

Prices and Delivery

Prices displayed on www.qbean.eu are in Euro (EUR). VAT is included in presented prices, unless otherwise stated by the Seller.

Prices do not include the delivery cost which are charged separately. Before the final order confirmation, the Buyer shall see the price of the product while the delivery cost shall be presented separately.

The Delivery cost will vary on the location of the Buyer. The Buyer shall have the option to take over the product at the Sellers production site with no extra charge on the product price.

Delivery or the takeover of the product can only occur after full price for the purchase has been paid by the Buyer.

Products are packed in a way to avoid any damages during transportation. The Buyer is obliged to inspect the Product during the takeover and if there are any visible damages on the Product, we advise the Buyer not to take over such Product. We kindly ask our Buyers that in such event they contact us as soon as possible so we could agree to send a new product or any other steps that we would agree directly with the Buyer.

In case the Buyer does not take over the damaged Product, there will be no delivery cost charged to the Buyer.

The Product shall be deemed delivered to the Buyer when the Buyer physically takes over the Product and signs the receipt of the Product from the delivery company. The Buyer is obliged to inspect the Product and in case there is any discrepancy with the order, the Buyer must inform the Seller in the shortest possible period, but in any case in 24 hours after the receipt of the Product. Any complaints after this period shall not be deemed valid. This does not affect the Product Warranty of the product, specified bellow.

The Buyer shall have the option to pay through:

  • Bank transfer and e-payment to the Seller’s bank account
  • PayPal payment to the Seller’s PayPal account

The purchase of the product shall be deemed settled and paid when the Buyer has paid and the Seller has received the whole amount of the purchase. Transaction costs are not included in the price.

When the Buyer has finalised the order and performed the payment process, the Seller shall send an Order confirmation with all necessary details about the product and the delivery. The Buyer shall have 24 hours (after Order confirmation) to cancel the order. Most of the products are produced per order and the ordered product shall most probably be produced specifically for the Buyer. The Buyer shall not be able to cancel its order after 24 hour period of Order confirmation has lapsed.

Final invoice shall be sent together with the product.

Product assembly

After the purchase confirmation and full payment, the Buyer shall receive a product which shall be assembled in all major parts. It is possible that the Buyer would need to assemble certain parts of the products, for which the Buyer would be provided detailed instructions.

Product Warranty

The Qbean product shall have a 5 year guarantee on shells, flooring and shell mechanisms (main parts) along proper usage of the product. The warranty covers the products physical structure and functionality of the product. The warranty does not cover damages caused by any external physical activity, i.e. collisions, punches, blows, or any form of natural disasters - “act of God”. It is possible that after being exposed to atmosphere for longer period of time (i.e. strong sun, snow, hale etc.) certain colours might fade, which is common for these type of materials. These vents are not covered by warranty.


The contract between the Buyer and the Seller shall be considered fulfilled upon Order Confirmation, Payment and Delivery of the Product have been fulfilled.

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